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Rose Bay Renovation, Point Clear, Alabama

This home, built in 1850 as a summer refuge from the city’s heat, was transformed to reflect a passion for entertaining while retaining the architectural integrity of the home. The original screened porch became the dining room located just inside the entrance. A 14-foot-deep porch facing the water with a wide overhang supported by four columns was built to take advantage of the bay breezes. The garage was turned into a two-story guesthouse with four bedrooms and four baths above and a cottage kitchen beneath. It was restored as one of the most beautiful of the old aristocrats on the shore of Point Clear.

This house was restored for the founders of Blackberry Farm, in Walland, Tennessee, fondly named “Rose Bay”. The house has been featured in Southern Accents Magazine and the book “Southern Style” by Mark Mayfield and the editors of Southern Accents. As featured in the article “Rose Bay Remembered” in the 20th Anniversary issue of Southern Accents, sadly the house had burned to the ground due fire cause by a missing chink of mortar, in one of the fireplaces. The house had burned down just three months after being photographed for Southern Accents magazine on February 3, 1996. Gratefully no one was hurt in this devastating fire, however this beautiful “aristocrat” of the sea will always live in our hearts.

The pool house/garage stucture,with guest quarters above,featured in the photos,still remain on the property.

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