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The quality level and extent of our personal service is a large benefit of working with us. We provide in-house plan development and project management with direct supervision by the two principles, Rick Spitzmiller and Bob Norris.

A good set of construction drawings is crucial when building a house, while a poor set can lead to errors and delays during construction. Our review processes ensure that our construction drawings are detailed and accurate.

We also help our clients’ projects run smoothly by seamlessly interfacing with other members of the project teams, such as builders, landscape architects, interior designers, and engineers. By working together and communicating effectively with builders, we ensure that our projects are built as intended.

Landscape architects address site conditions such as drainage, cut and fill calculations, retaining walls and other issues important to a complete integration of house and property. When working in tandem with interior designers, we can develop plans and details that integrate well with decorative materials and furnishings.

We also work with engineers to incorporate into our plans their specific technical requirements as well as the manufacturers’ shop drawings of specific elements to be included within the house.

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Inspired by Classic American and European Architecture with Rich Character and Thoughtful Design

For over 25 years Spitzmiller & Norris, Inc. has been a leader in premier residential design in the southeastern United States.

Charming exteriors, attention to the smallest interior details and the intelligent flow of our floor plans characterize our house designs.

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Suzanne Kasler Inspired Interiors

Check out the fabulous new book showcasing the inimitable work of interior designer, Suzanne Kassler--- from Rizzoli Publishers. Handsomely produced, the richly colorful book will definitely inspire for years to come. We at Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc. would love it even if it didn't contain twenty two pages of our work!

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Accessorize Your Home with
Spitzmiller & Norris Details

Just the look you want by simply adding the elements and the charm to enhance the exterior and interior of your home. Window boxes, gates, shutters, dormers...

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